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What was supposed to be a nice holiday trip to take photos of the mountains turned into your worst nightmare. 

Being stranded in the big cold forest after a snowstorm, your only goal is surviving. 

Can you make it out alive?





Cold Scream.zip 24 MB


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J love the pixilated style of the game, it reminds me kinda of Undertale and Deltarune which are my favorite games. I don’t know why but it gives me a spooky vibe, but it’s a good spooky vibe. 9/10 game.

Hey thank you so much! Means a lot, and I hope you had a great time!


I did, and thanks for responding so quickly. Most creators don’t have time to respond. So, I am grateful to have this interaction with you!


I gave it a go.

Hey thanks for playing! It's weird that the game runs so slow for you! Hope you still had fun :)


Yeah, my computer does that. I did still have fun indeed though.

Great tension build up! I will remember that ending. 

Hey, thanks!! Thank you for playing our game !


good shit. although it has such simple graphics,it somehow is very emersive

thanks a lot! Happy that it made you feel like that!


spoilers incomming

ok so i went in expecting some cheap jumpscares in a 1 bit game. but wow was this more poliched than it seems.in the first few radio messiges i was unsure if i whud meet him. onse he started talking about a cave i was pretty scared of what may be inside. onse i got in the cave i was just walking around. feeling unezey becuse of the amazeing sound desingn. onse i saw the lonely radio i stood there for like 30 seconds being scared becuse the guy was not there. and when i go close the last thing i expected was for a yeti to pop out. dripping blood from its mouth. and boom credits. that relly scared me. overall. great short horror game whit relly good sound design. (sorry for all the spelling mistakes i probibly made)

Thank you for telling us how the game made you feel! Really happy that especially the sound design as well as the graphics made you feel scared :)



Neat horror game i can see you two really put a lot of thought into how to build up tension with the sound design. Also the uncertainness of coming around a dead end or wall that you have to go around and losing the day makes travelling interesting, it's always a gamble. But i beat the game and still have a few question:

-is there anything else to find?

-i tried speedrunning the game to see if i could find the dude before he became a skinwalker or yeti, to no avail because from what i gather the map is randomly generated and you can't find him or the cave before he goes cuhrazy (THOUGH it is stated that people started disappearing so maybe he was always a skinwalker or maybe the guy on the radio was really just some dude and once he got to the cave he gets killed and the creature takes the radio).

-do boots warm you or increase your walking time? Not very clear, tbh.

-Is the dude a skinwalker or a yeti?

-How long did development take?

Hey thanks for the great feedback, its always so interesting to read in depth responds!!

To your first question, no. The main goal is to reach the cave and getting told the story.

There may not be a possibility where you reach the cave before day 9.

All medical themed items let you regain stamina. All clothing is for warmth. Sorry that it was confusing!

I think we will keep it secret for now what exactly we had in mind when it comes to the story, but we love to read your ideas!

And to your last question: Maybe around 2 months of on and off work. It could have been faster but we wanted to polish it and wait for more ideas to come to mind. Sometimes theres still stuff you want to take care of after you published the game but then not every player would have the same experience. We are definitely really happy that we took the time we needed and did not rush :)

Thanks for your interest!


Do you update this game?

Hey! The game is considered finished. So there won't be any updates unless there's a gamebreaking bug or so :)


Since I haven't even found a single bug, I guess it doesn't need any updates...

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The ending of this game gave me a heart attack, which is a good thing because before that I felt like I was going to explode with tension. The sound design is amazing and everything is so chilling, proper unnerving experience. :)

That sounds amazing, really glad you enjoyed the game so much!


I also had a heart attack ya know. I was lucky I didn't die.


Very nice game. Short and sweet! Hope you make more games in this style.

Thank you for the feedback! :) 


It was cold from start to finish. I predicted what it was but, still was curious to find out more. Plus the choices on those sound effects were pretty unsettling and I loved it. Great job!

Just watched it! Really cool that you took extra time to look around in the game after finishing it! Thanks for playing :) 

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I like this game. I also beat the game. The only thing is that the ending is very...

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Hey, thanks for playing! Happy that you liked it! What about the ending though?^^

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I don't wanna be a spoiler or anything, but the ending was scary(for me).


That's good to hear :D


How did you create this game, holy


Cool game... i died X3

Thank you very much for playing! Even if you died, did you manage to beat the game? What did you think?^^


Woooow I just finished the game! Really cool, congratulations! I loved the design, gameplay, and story :D


love the aesthetic of this game and the minimal design, really lets you use your imagination

the sounds effects were excellent as well

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Hey there!

We wanted to put a lot of different unique sounds into the game to make the experience more rich, to further the use of your imagination. We hope it worked.

Thank you for your feedback and checking out the game :)

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Awesome little game! Really appreciated the minimalist aesthetic and enjoyed the blend of text adventure and avatar movement. Great job guys!

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Thank you so much, we enjoyed the video!

Doing the art was indeed challenging, since representing so many different things in a tight space of 16x16 pixels, a single misplaced pixel could make it seem like a whole different object.

Amazing that you managed to play through the game without dying^^


This game is alright. It is overall very simple which it is supposed to but I wish there was a little more going on. Sound design was really great, which made the Atmosphere pretty good aswell. 

Good but a bit too simple.  


Thank you very much for your comment! We are glad that you enjoyed the experience and liked the sound design. A lot of thought was put into it and we are happy to know that it created a good atmosphere! 

We are open to feedback and would like to know what kinds of things could be expected more from the game, so if you have any ideas for possible improvements, let us know :)


Something that follows you around as you go. Making noises and footsteps in the snow, which gives you the feeling as if you were followed. Something that intensifies the feeling of unease. Also the jumpscare at the end should be a tad more intense.  Hope that i could help.  You still did a great job there. :)


Thank you for the feedback :)


Omg, i never thought i would fell uneasy and scared with a game like this before. The simple graphics and gameplay are amazing, and the simplicity of it got me hooked on the narrative. Not only that, but the psychological horror that it provides made me imagine what could possibly kill me like a good damn horror book. I beated the game in 3 attempts, and even though i had to read some repeated prompts, there was still surprises to get me off guard. Great work of the devs!

This game is a gem, and if you're reading this and didn't had downloaded it yet, what are you doing?! Go check it out!!!     


Thank you very very much for your amazing review! We have to say that reading this just brought a huge smile to both of our faces! 

Since the style is so minimalistic, we really wanted the spotlight to be in the eerie atmosphere of the forest and in the texts. We are really happy that you were able to feel this effect! 

Thanks for taking your time to play our game and leaving such a warming comment here <3