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Caught me off guard 

Surprised that game has changed lol

I didn`t expect the backroom :D 

You Got Me!😂😂

Uno dei miei horror preferiti


Really enjoyed this game got caught off guard after putting the crystals in 

This is one of my favorite backrooms games.  The surreal ending was perfect!

You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

good game

This definitely caught me off guard with the surprise twist!!

Great game, enjoyed it!!

All I wanted was a potty break not nightmares. Not what I expected at this pit stop, really good game.

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This game took a turn real quick! Was not expecting things to go down the way that it did lmao but honestly great game! Keep up the good work! (Gameplay starts at 11:18)

This was a good game and it did catch me off guard. But I guess I was just stopping by :>


This game DEFINITILY took a turn that I wasn't ready for, but I still enjoyed it regardless!

That's my gameplay:

Got me shitting bricks my man! Keep it up!

This game got me hook, line and sinker! Fantastic setup and engaging way to round out the experience, literally had no idea, fantastic job

something weird about the game

I don't want to spoil the game for anyone but I literally didn't see any of this coming!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel:

cool game. I almost threw up several times because of the weird texture distortion that was happening. only real critisism would be to make it faster, it got really slow after a bit. I love the lowpoly look aswell. good job!

game is at 4:19

moral of the story, when on a road trip to Germany don't use shady convenience store's bathrooms or else you'll clip out of reality.

I just had to poop and it turned into a nightmare. Great work.

The game was so nice and calm but yet creepy at the beginning.... but then I got dragged into the backrooms.

Another Backrooms game. My eyeballs spiralled out of my skull.


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all imma say is.. WAWAWAWAWAWAWAAAWA

this was really good! that twist towards the ends was cool, literally was not expecting that change of game like that, keep up the great work familia, ima keep you work on watch cant wait to see more of your content   

I was not expecting that. One thing i would say is to add something in there while your exploring. it gets dull after awhile.

What a well done short horror Can't wait for more 😁

It really looks like a really good game, well if I could play it, it runs like complete dogshit on my pc, like 5 fps, I really don't know why :(

your pc probably needs to clear some storage, is it cleared?

It has enough storage for this game, 80 gb, I tried playing with only the game playing(no steam, or discord) and still wasn't enough

I pretty sure that the main reason is optimization, a graphic settings would be really good for this.

What a twist! That was fun and pretty cool. Good job!

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sure, didnt expect that at all.

Completly caught me off guard!

Caught me really off guard with this lol super well done and loved the ending. The wallpaper you used for the second half looked very tasty 10/10

Surprising at every turn, I had no idea what was ever coming next!

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